Without prejudice to the applicability of any special conditions that prevail at present general conditions, all sales, supplies and services are covered under the following general conditions of sale. These general conditions prevail over those of the buyers. The payment of goods includes the acceptance of these general conditions of sale.


2.1: We only sell original authentic vintage pieces, restored and checked where necessary, with preservation of authenticity. Some wear of usage belongs to the product. In the condition report you will find a clear note of the condition of the item, please read the text carefully before buying a product. If you still have any questions about the condition, feel free to send us an email. We will try to inform you better and send extra photo’s if necessary.

2.2: All our lights are checked, cleaned and are suitable for use in the USA. For USA usage you would only have to change the plug or get a holiday converter. We will sell the lights without light bulbs.


3.1: All our prices are expressed in euros and converted to American dollars with the current exchange rate.

3.2: Our products will be sold according the margin scheme. There is no VAT shown on the invoice, so tax is not deductible.


4.1: We always send an official invoice that is legally valid and this includes all our company details and numbers to make a bank wire transaction

4.2: Orders can be paid in the following ways:

a) Cash: the first possibility is to pay in cash before or upon delivery (if we deliver it ourselves). The order may also be picked up by the customer him selves and paid in cash by pick up.

b) Bankwire: the second option is to wire the amount to our bank account. The invoice number should be noted as a reference to the payment so we know what item is paid for. All the information which is required to make a bank wire transaction is listed on the invoice.

* We don’t accept payments via PayPal or Credit Card.

4.3: Bank charges would be for the account of the buyer.

4.4: After ordering a product, we will change the price status to “on hold”. If payment is not made within 14 days after the invoice was send, we assume you are no longer interested in the item and we will release the hold.


5.1: We are experienced in worldwide shipping and therefore we use different European transport companies to get the best price rates for different locations.

5.2: Items are dispatched within 3 working days upon receipt of payment.

5.3: All goods are professionally packed with much care and safety. For packing we use bubble wrap, foam, cardboard, wooden pallets and custom made wooden crates if necessary.

5.4: We will have the items transported to the customer including insurance.

5.5: Studio Nine Design cannot be held liable for any potential delivery problems that may arise by external carriers. Complaints regarding delivery must be made within 3 days by e-mail.


6.1: In Holland, Belgium, the north of France and the west of Germany we deliver personally and help the items into your home.

6.2: After the agreement with the customer, we make the ordered products ready for transport. The date of delivery is discussed in the ordering process.

Return policy

7.1: It’s important for us that the customer is happy with his purchase. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to return the purchase within 7 days of receipt, provided the article is still in the same condition as at the sale. The costs and risks for returning are borne by the buyer.

7.2: The purchase amount will be returned, after the process of Article 7.1 good expired and receiving return.


8.1: The moment the package leaves our showroom we do not have control on what happens to the package during transport, we only hope the transport company treats the package with as much care as we do. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a product is damaged during transportation.

8.2: You have to let us know your package is damaged within 2 days after delivery.

8.3: When receiving a package, it’s very important to check it thoroughly and when you see anything that doesn’t seem to be correct about the package, mention this to the deliverer. He or she will make a note of this so the transport company knows something happened during transport and not after delivery. Never just sign for delivery in good condition without checking the package. If you sign for delivery in good condition, it becomes very hard to prove that the package got damaged during transport. If they left quickly or you didn’t accept the parcel yourself, immediately call the transport company who delivered it and tell them that your parcel is damaged, file a claim with them and ask for a written confirmation.

8.4: In case of damage or defect, please send your complaint by e-mail including:

a) Description of defective part

b) Copy of your invoice, showing purchase of the product

c) Pictures of the outside of the (damaged) crate, pallet or box which shown the shipping label and after opening it, also of the outside of the (damaged) packed product. When it’s not damaged on the outside but you see it’s damaged on the inside, please make pictures from that point on.

8.5: On receipt of your complaint, we shall do the necessary procedure and will inform you accordingly.

8.6: Claims for missing or short delivered items must be accompanied by a statement from the local freight forwarder or carrier.

- 9. Guarantee:

The invoice is your guarantee certificate.